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Across the Blue Mountains - Jim Low

Here's the cover of my new CD called:
Across the Blue Mountains.

It is my second album on Rouseabout Records released via Undercover Music.

The CD contains 18 songs about the
Blue Mountains and can be purchased here.

The Blue Mountains of New South Wales have been an inspiration for many of my songs. I have lived here for almost two thirds of my life.

Some of these songs are direct responses to the unique beauty and grandeur of the Mountains. I value living here, enjoy walking in the bushland and have developed a loving respect for this place I call home. I am continually excited by what I see and hear around me. There is always something new to learn about the Mountains.

The human impact has made this area rich in history and I have tried to capture some of this history in my songs. But reading the history has also made me aware of the fragility of the Mountains. They have been marked in many devastating ways by human hands. However, I believe that they have a capacity to survive. I have seen the resilience of the landscape after a bushfire.

I have also enjoyed adapting and sharing the responses of others to the Mountains through conversation, poetry, song and oral history recording.
There is so much to appreciate about this area and there are countless stories still to tell.

More information on the special site - Across the Blue Mountains - acrossthebluemountains.com.au


I'm very happy to announce that my CD of 14 original songs called THE FURTHER I TRAVEL was a finalist in the 2013 Australian Bush Laureate Awards for Album of the Year. A song from it, Myall Creek Station, was also chosen as a finalist for the Single Recorded Performance of the Year.



Rouseabout Records have signed me to their label and I feel very honoured to be included in their roster of artists alongside two of my favourite Australian songwriters, Gary Shearston and Eric Bogle. The first CD released via Undercover Music is The Further I Travel. You can buy a copy and read more about the CD here.

The Further I Travel - Jim Low

“…too little is remembered now
And deeds have gone unsung.”

These lines are from When Angledool Was Young, a song on my CD The Further I Travel. Based on an unpublished poem by Jim Harper, the lines appropriately and simply express for me the motivation behind many of the songs I write.

As the years pass, we do forget. People and places change, they can even disappear and so too their stories. With the passing of time, things lose their significance and lessons learnt can be forgotten.

The past also includes things that some people would best forget, claiming that they do not wish to ‘open old wounds’. Memories possess the power to ignite the full gamut of emotions.

For many years my desire to document in song, as effectively as possible, all these ‘unsung things’ has developed passionately. If life is seen as a journey, then the further I travel along life’s pathway, the more I find there is about which to sing.

The songs on this CD acknowledge some of the people I have met in person or in word. They capture some of the places I have visited and they document events and stories I have heard of, read about or experienced. They reflect upon childhood memories, as well as share thoughts and ideas developed on my journey. In my songs I have always tried to respond to the past honestly, at the same time being sensitive to the emotions it can awaken.

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I live in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia and have done so for thirty years. From childhood I have maintained a deep interest in, and love of, Australian history. I have written books and articles, and developed school learning materials on Australian themes.

My interest in Australia has also been expressed in many of the songs I have written. My song writing has been combined with many and varied performing opportunities.

I have performed at restaurants, concerts and festivals and my music has been played on ABC radio. Each year I continue to enjoy the opportunities of travelling to Australian places and listening to, and documenting, the stories of the people who live there.

This website contains a growing collection of articles, songs, reviews etc that I have written over the years. You can access them via the links above. Please feel free to email me as I value your comments.